Trip in Napa Valley


I did it! After several weeks in SFO, I went to Napa Valley, the most famous wine country of California… Continue reading


Uncorked Wine Festival and more…

wine festivalOn Saturday May the 7th, the Uncorked Wine Festival was organized in Ghirardelli Square. It was for me a chance to taste several Californian wines. This festival brought together only Californian wineries. The weather was not so good but this event was amaizing! Continue reading

My firsts steps in SF



My very first step in SF was very funny! I tried to book an Uber but I missed 3 drivers before understanding that I ordered “Terminal 1 Arrival” but I was in “Departure”. Finally, after 30 min wasted (and $15 too) I ordered an Uber, at the right place, but I was very uncomfortable when I met my driver. Indeed,  he had only one arm… awkward moment! But the drive was fortunately good.


After the visiting our appartment in Nob Hill(I share the apartment with 3 French classmates) we visited a little bit San Francisco. We walked on Fisherman and Pier 39 with its famous Sea Lions which smell very bad… We decided to change of landscapes and we went to the Golden Gate Bridge, we cross it despite of the strong wind.

After that, I test the temperature of the Pacific Ocean… Thanks to the Gulfstream, it was very cold!

Last weekend we went to the AT&T Park where we watched a baseball game between the Giants and the Diamonds! The stadium was full and it was very nice to discover this place!


We started our lessons last week, I think the semester program will be interesting because we will visit some startups in the Silicon Valley and we will also discover the Napa Valley. I hope I will  get to test several good Californian wines!

My Expectation in San Francisco


gg bridge


I’m studying in a business school in Bordeaux but I wanted to do a semester in a foreign country. I choose San Francisco for many reasons.


First of all, it is the city where innovations and revolutions take place. In fact, a lot of start-ups like Twitter, AirBnB, Google and Facebook have been created in the Silicon Valley. Today, the Bay Area is still the best place in the world where start ups can born because a lot of venture capital are interested.


Secondly, California is also famous for its wine. The Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley are well knowed for produce several awesome wines. For this reason, I want to know more about the Wine Californian Market (I worked two months in L.A in a company which imports wine from Europe and South America) and I want to discover the famous Zinfandel!


To finish, California is the land of the Gold Rush, Hippies and artistic movements. I have to learn theses cultural sides!

Wine 2.0

What’s is the future of the wine market?

Traditionally, the wine market takes place in wine & liquor shops and supermarkets. After that, restaurants, hotels and bars are the second place where generally people buy their bottles of wine.

However, as in each market, internet increases its market share every year. In fact, in 2016, the global wine online market will have 6USD Billions of turnover. The French online market will have a turnover of 1.6 billion of euros in 2016. The market is still increasing, since 2011 the increase is huge for the e-commerce but the “traditional market” reached its maturity and the increase is very slow.
The 3 biggest websites of wine’s sales are:
– Amazon
– (Chinese website)
– (Spanish website)
Moreover, the “traditional website of wine’s sales” is less and less trendy. Indeed, now customers are looking for a website which purpose a specific thing.
For example, in France, one of the most well-known website is . This website allows to its customers to have a very good price on the wine of the day, as if the client buy the wine directly at the winery!
Another example, . The concept is a subscription for 6 months or 1 year. The client receives at home two bottles of wine each month with a data sheet and a tasting sheet!