My Expectation in San Francisco


gg bridge


I’m studying in a business school in Bordeaux but I wanted to do a semester in a foreign country. I choose San Francisco for many reasons.


First of all, it is the city where innovations and revolutions take place. In fact, a lot of start-ups like Twitter, AirBnB, Google and Facebook have been created in the Silicon Valley. Today, the Bay Area is still the best place in the world where start ups can born because a lot of venture capital are interested.


Secondly, California is also famous for its wine. The Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley are well knowed for produce several awesome wines. For this reason, I want to know more about the Wine Californian Market (I worked two months in L.A in a company which imports wine from Europe and South America) and I want to discover the famous Zinfandel!


To finish, California is the land of the Gold Rush, Hippies and artistic movements. I have to learn theses cultural sides!


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