Uncorked Wine Festival and more…

wine festivalOn Saturday May the 7th, the Uncorked Wine Festival was organized in Ghirardelli Square. It was for me a chance to taste several Californian wines. This festival brought together only Californian wineries. The weather was not so good but this event was amaizing!


First, I discovered a lot of Californian wines, which was my main goal for this Festival.For example I tasted “Viansa-Reserve”. I appreciated a lot to taste a Sangiovese. Sangiovese is a grape varietal of wine originally from Italy but it’s also cultivated in Sonoma Valley.

My top 3 for this wine festival is:

1 – Fretzer – Merlot

2 – Concannon – Cabernet Sauvignon

3- Viansa Reserve- Sangiovese

Thanks to “Meet up”, I met 3 interesting guys! Anant who is programmer in a startup, Cloudfunding, Jennifer is working in a pharmaceutical company and Mark is programmer in Facebook! I enjoyed to meet them, they are really nice. After this event we ate in a restaurant “The Stinking Rose” with a funny speciality: garlic!

gin tasting

At the end og this good diner, Anant inveted us in a Gin tasting organised in the Cloudfunding building! Here I learnt two nice things. First, how a startup is organised and managed. It’s very different than in France, in this system the employee chooses a project in which he whiches to work, and you can change of project, there are not strong departments like in France. The second thing is Gin! I tasted several Gins, very differents, one of them was aged in a oak barrel like a Whisky or a wine! Another is made from juniper berries, it smells much flowers!

All these things were nice and we made an appointment with Mark to visit Facebook…




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