Trip in Napa Valley


I did it! After several weeks in SFO, I went to Napa Valley, the most famous wine country of California…

inglenookOur first winery was certainly the best: Inglenook. Inglenook is the second oldest winery in Napa Valley. Nowadays it is a domain led by Francis Ford Coppola, he saved this vineyards of a bankrupt in the 70’s. Today, this winery is one of the prettiest vineyard with a huge mansion. We can also visit a small museum about the winery and Coppola…

This winery produces one of the best Californian wine: Rubicon


Rubicon is an incredible wine, made from Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot / Petite Verdot. It looks like a great wine from Bordeaux!

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Inglenook is a very beautiful place and we understand why Mr. Coppola lives here now…


Our second winery was Beaulieu Vineyard this winery is also one of the oldest winery in Napa Valley. I tasted with my friends the famous Georges de Latour which is the best wine of this domain, ageing in french, american and hungarian barrels. It was really good with a lot of taste of red fruits…

Moreover, the most interesting thing was this paper:


This is an official paper that allowed a Church to buy a barrel of wine during the Prohibition!

Obviously, the smuggling was organized and we can understand today why there were a lot of people for the Mess… God is a good excuse!

Our third winery was Beringer


Beringer is the oldest winery in Napa. The place is beautiful with a beautiful place with a lot of flowers and threes… However, I choose the less expensive wine tasting ($25) and I was disappointed…

To finish, we went to Robert Mondavi Winery


The wine tasting room was closed but we enjoyed the place.

My next goal is to taste Opus One… The most famous wine in Napa Valley with Rubicon of Inglenook!


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